Implant Dentist in Rigby, ID

For a comprehensive solution to multiple missing teeth, Dr. Richard George, Dr. Boone Allen and Dr. Garrett Burton may recommend an implant-supported bridge in Rigby, Idaho. While a traditional dental bridge relies on crowns placed on adjacent teeth for support, an implant-supported bridge utilizes dental implants as anchors within the mouth. In most cases, an implant is placed for each missing tooth, with the implant crowns connected to form a single unit atop the implant posts. Alternatively, if placing an implant for each missing tooth is not feasible, the bridge may feature prosthetic teeth suspended between two implant-supported crowns.

The recommendation for an implant-supported bridge arises when multiple teeth are lost or there is concern about excessive pressure on individual, unconnected implants, which may lead to implant loosening or failure. By distributing pressure evenly across the entire bridge, an implant-supported bridge reduces the strain on individual implants, ensuring firm anchorage in the jawbone. This approach not only improves your oral health and function but also helps maintain the position of surrounding teeth. The benefits of an implant-supported bridge include:

  • Long-lasting solution
  • Preservation of surrounding teeth positions
  • A natural look, feel and function akin to healthy natural teeth
  • Restored ability to bite, chew, speak and smile confidently
  • Preservation of supporting bone structure
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to alternative treatments

The process of receiving an implant-supported bridge typically involves two surgeries. The first surgery entails placing the dental implant posts, followed by a healing period. The second surgery involves placing the bridge and securing it atop the implants, completing the restoration.

To explore the advantages of implant-supported bridges further and schedule an appointment with our accomplished dentists, please do not hesitate to contact Townesquare Dental at 208-745-8704. We are eager to assist you in achieving a beautiful, functional smile.

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