Jaw Pain & Migraine Management in Rigby, ID

Do you or someone you know experience frequent headaches, migraines, or persistent jaw pain?

We can help! Our state-of-the-art treatment provides patients with a new alternative for immediate relief. Don’t take it from us, here is what our patients have to say.

“I developed chronic migraines over twelve years ago. During this time I’ve been through more treatments than I can recall claiming to cure, prevent, or relieve my migraines. The intensity of my migraines range from just barely above an annoying headache to excruciating pain where I’ve passed out from avoiding the pain and pressure associated with the mere act of breathing when I have a migraine. I’ve taken numerous medications and tried just about every home and natural remedy known to man. Until now I’ve settled into a routine of accepting the fact that my migraines are going to happen learning a few specific triggers to them and knowing how to counteract the triggers specifically. So far the only approach that has helped is actively avoiding anything I know will cause a migraine and then passively treating it. The effectiveness of this approach is usually only effective enough to draw my suffering down to once or twice a month.

Complicating my struggle with migraines are the problems with TMJ. This problem with TMJ has left me to deal with the problem of my jaw locking open, clicking and popping in the joint and a near constant soreness and pain in my jaw joint. Often my migraines are triggered and or worsened by the pain I have experienced with my jaw. Constantly wearing a night guard is the only help so far I have had with my TMJ issues.

Initially I viewed a Botox treatment as another snake oil type remedy that had good intentions of helping with either of my problems, but would in reality be mostly ineffective. My view of Botox was also skewed by the fact that it is mostly used cosmetically and a very expensive treatment associated with a few horrible side effects.

The Botox treatment I received from Dr. George exceeded all my expectations and any doubts I had about Botox being an effective treatment for migraines and TMJ problems. During the treatment I was told it may take up to two weeks for the treatment to take effect. I was surprised when almost immediately, before I even left the office, the tension in my head had subsided and I felt like a whole new person. That night I was so relieved from my nagging jaw ache that I forgot entirely to wear my night guard and woke up the next morning with no pain, something I probably haven’t done in years. I went nearly four weeks without even thinking about my head hurting, something else that hasn’t happened in years. I was so relieved that I quickly forgot to avoid migraine triggers and on one occasion realized that I had done something that would have previously triggered a migraine, but it passed with just a minor headache.

Receiving the Botox treatment has been a life changing experience for me. Nothing else has come close to effectively preventing my migraines and dealing with TMJ disorders. What a relief it has been for Dr. George to offer this service and improve my quality of life.”

-Wes in Idaho Falls

“I’ve had chronic, daily headaches due to clenching and TMD for years. Since my treatment I feel amazing and no longer experience and pain or side effects.”

-Ashley in Rigby

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, and it is a hinge that joins your jaw to the temporal bones of your skull.  This joint allows you to move your jaw side to side and up and down, and facilitates chewing, talking, and yawning.  In some cases, there can be a problem with this joint that is referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD.

Causes of TMJ Disorder

The primary cause of TMJ disorder is problems with the jaw muscles or the joint.  Injuries to the jaw, neck, and head can lead to TMJ Disorder.  Common causes of TMJ Disorder include whiplash, clenching or grinding of teeth, arthritis pain, and stress that might cause clenching and tightening of facial muscles or the jaw.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder can be quite painful and cause a large amount of discomfort. Some of the common symptoms include difficulty opening the mouth, jaws that get stuck open or closed, a clicking or popping sound while moving the mouth or chewing, or tenderness and pain in the face, neck, jaw, and around the ear.  Other symptoms that someone with TMJ disorder might experience are headaches, toothaches, dizziness, ringing in the ear, and upper shoulder pain.

TMJ Treatment in Rigby

It is essential to seek assistance from a dental expert to treat the TMJ disorder. Here is how a dentist can help you:

  • Over-the-counter-drugs: Dentists will prescribe the medications to soothe the dental swelling and pain. He might also suggest you relax the muscles by avoiding the clenching or grinding of the teeth.
  • Nightguard or splint: It is one of the most recommended TMJ treatments by dentists as a plastic mouthpiece is fit over the lower and upper teeth so that they don’t touch each other. It minimizes the effect of grinding or clenching and helps in improving the bite.
  • Dental work: The dentist might replace missing teeth or use bridges or crowns to balance the biting surface of the teeth and correct any bite problems. Only in severe cases are dental surgeries suggested.
  • Botox: Our office offers Botox as a remedy to jaw pain

If case you are experiencing jaw pain and migraines, contact us and we will guide you through this dental treatment process and answer all your concerns.